Negative Response Codes

0x10 – General Reject 

0x11 – Service Not Supported

0x12 – Subfunction Not Supported

0x13 – Incorrect Message Length or Invalid Format

0x14 – Response too long

0x21 – Busy Repeat Request

0x22 – Conditions Not Correct

0x24 – Request Sequence Error

0x25 – No Response From Sub – Net Component

0x26 – Failure Prevents Execution Of Requested Action

0x31 – Request Out Of Range

0x33 – Security Access Denied

0x35 – Invalid Key

0x36 – Exceed Number Of Attempts

0x37 – Required Time Delay Not Expired

0x70 – Upload / Download Not Accepted

0x71 – Transfer Data Suspended 

0x72 – General Programming Failure

0x73 – Wrong Block Sequence 

0x78 – Request correctly Received – Response Pending

0x7E – Subfunction Not Supported in Active Session

0x7F – Service Not Supported In Active Session

0x80 – Service Not Supported In Active Diagnostic Mode

Specific Condition Driven Response Codes

0x81 – RPM Too High

0x82 – RPM Too Low

0x83 – Engine Is Running

0x84 – Engine Is not Running

0x85 – Engine Runtime Too Low

0x86 – Temperature Too High

0x87 – Temperature Too Low

0x88 – Vehicle Speed Too High

0x89 – Vehicle Speed Too Low

0x8A – Throttle Pedal To High

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